Etaf Kawaldeh

Etaf Kawaldeh

Deal Expert

After Etaf began to watch finance videos from YouTubers like Graham Stephen and Rose Han, she became highly focused on learning more about budgeting and saving money. In addition to writing different types of stories, binge-watching films, and spending time with her crazy, energetic cat, she also enjoys hanging out with her friends, whether they're having a night out or a cosy dinner party.

What makes Etaf a money-saving expert

Etaf's prowess as a money-saving expert comes from a foundation of practical experience and a lifelong passion for optimising her finances. From her first job at 16 years old, where she navigated limited earnings by hunting for bargains and voucher codes, she developed a keen eye for stretching her money's value.

This skill carried into adulthood, as Etaf remained dedicated to budgeting and deal-hunting, consistently seeking savings in her purchases from brands such as Booktopia, Princess Polly, and ASOS. Her expertise is evident in her dedication to her personal finances and her role as a trusted advisor to friends, offering them valuable insights into budgeting and money-saving strategies. Etaf's journey from an early bargain seeker to a seasoned money-saving connoisseur highlights her ability to make every penny count.

Etaf's top money-saving tips

"Master the art of meal planning! Planning your meals for the week ahead can significantly reduce impulse food purchases and wastage. Create a grocery list based on your prepared meals to ensure you only buy what you need."

"Embrace DIY and upcycling projects. Instead of buying new furniture or decor items, consider revamping what you already have. A fresh coat of paint or creative tweaks can breathe new life into old pieces without breaking the bank."

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